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DONATIONS in the Millions, Tarpon Springs, Florida

IMAGINE what your savings might look like if you had “banked” the face value of every coupon you had ever redeemed. That means, for every $0.50 coupon you have ever used at the grocery store, the very same coupon value was deposited into your bank account.

NOW, ENVISION what your savings might look like if you decided to make at least half of all household purchases with coupons AND you banked all of your coupon savings? How much do you think you could possibly accumulate in a month, or a year of clipping coupons? And what would it look like? Can you actually see it or is it an optical illusion for you?

We hope you can picture it as well as visualize the value of tracking your savings because once you do so, couponing takes own a whole new meaning. Here’s a perfect example.

Rather than waste any of the soon to expire coupons when we purge them from the DAILY DIMES® Repository, we share them with people who have come to rely on coupons to make ends meet. Even better, because expired coupons have a second life on our overseas military bases and can be redeemed for up to six months beyond their expiration dates, we mail them in bulk to facilities who distribute them to military families who really want and need them. We began tracking the face value of those coupons and during the last 90 days alone, DAILY DIMES® donated a grand total of $1,844,353.22 in practical, useable coupons to our overseas troops. This total coupon value was collected over a period of three months only, and surpasses the combined annual salary of approximately 90 active duty, private E2 service members!

So, just as committed as we are to helping our DAILY DIMES® members save money, we are devoted to our Military families stationed overseas. As our Staff members personally deliver boxes spilling over with clipped and sorted coupons for our local American Legion, we are also building new relationships with our new military adoptions, and reaching out worldwide.

We welcome the follow overseas bases whom we recently adopted with our coupon donations: Ansbach, Germany, U.S. Army, Atsugi, Japan, U.S. Navy, Bamburg, Germany, U.S. Army, Bamburg ACS, Germany, U.S. Army, Brussels, Belgium, U.S. Army, Gaeta, Italy, U.S. Navy, Grafenwoehr, Germany, U.S. Army, Ikego, Japan, U.S. Navy, Illesheim, Germany, U.S. Army, Incirlik, Turkey, U.S. Air Force, Iwakuni, Japan, U.S. Marine Corps, Lakenheath, U.K., U.S. Air Force, Okinawa, Japan (USA), U.S. Army, Okinawa, Japan (USAF), U.S. Air Force, Osan, Korea, U.S. Air Force, Rota, Spain, U.S. Navy, Sasebo, Japan, U.S. Navy, Schweinfurt, Germany, U.S. Army, Sigonella, Sicily, U.S. Navy, Spangdahlem, Germany, U.S. Air Force, Vicenza, Italy, U.S. Army, Wiesbaden ACS, U.S. Army, Yokohama, Japan, U.S. Navy, Yokosuka, Japan, U.S. Navy, Yokota, Japan, U.S. Air Force!!!

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