DIME$ are the dynamic virtual currency of Daily Dimes™ and are issued based on Membership level. DIME$ are redeemable for Clip & Ship Handling Fees and are just one of the many ways to save on our Clip & Ship Coupon Clipping Services. They are also redeemable for entry into one of our many exciting DIME$ Sweeps! WIN valuable prizes like eGift Cards and EVEN MORE Reward Points!

Free Members receive DIME$ promotionally and on occasion, but Premium & Ultra Members receive DIME$ every week. When you upgrade to Premium or Ultra (Paid) Membership and take full advantage of your DIME$, you have the opportunity to receive Clip & Ship Coupons Fee Free & still SCORE Reward Points!

Depending on your Paid Membership Level, you can place up to two FREE Clip & Ship orders each Redemption Week. The Admin Fees are waived on the first (Premium) or first 2 (Ultra) orders involving one or more DIME$. Therefore, when you complete your order using DIME$ as your payment method and select First Class Mail, your order can be absolutely FREE! Plus, you SCORE 1 Reward Point for every DIME$ redeemed.
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How To Coupon

1. Turn DIME$ into Dollars with Clip & Ship Coupons

Our Clip & Ship Coupon Clipping Service offers a national selection of coupons from Sunday Newspaper Inserts such as Procter&Gamble®, Red Plum®, Smart Source®, and Unilever®. You can easily locate the manufacturer & store coupons you want and need to match & stack your way to rock bottom prices.

Eliminate time, stress, and fuss when you leave the clipping to us! Plus, earn Cash Rebates* & more when you request, load, and pay for Clip & Ship Services with your Daily Dimes™ Prepaid MasterCard®. Earn 50% Cash Rebates* on your 1st three Clip & Ship orders and up to 10% on future orders. The more coupons you have in your collection, the more opportunities you have to SAVE BIG!

*Cash Back & Cash Rebates applied as a credit to Member's Daily Dimes™ Prepaid MasterCard®

2. Wait for the Sale to Create Your Own Prices

All grocery items have a sales cycle. Most run every 6-8 or 12 weeks, depending on product lifespan. The goal is to buy your favorite items when they are discounted and at lower prices. You can easily determine when prices will be reduced by tracking sales cycles. There are two types; seasonal and rotational.

Seasonal Sales follow food and traditional holidays (i.e., National Oatmeal Month & Thanksgiving) and sporting events throughout the year. It’s no surprise that chips and other snack foods go on sale around the Super Bowl and candy prices drop in February and October.

Rotational Cycles move product from store shelves and run every 6 to 12 weeks. Knowing when items cycle is the key to taking advantage of price markdowns as they happen.

With your Clip & Ship Coupons and a weekly sale, it’s time to create your own prices by combining the two! When you pair store sales with manufacturer coupons, double/triple coupons, and store coupons, you can create your lowest prices which may be absolutely FREE! This proven money saving technique is called Matching & Stacking.

MATCHING describes the combination of a sale item and a coupon. STACKING is defined as the combination of a manufacturer and store coupon for the purchase of one item.

When you match (sale item + coupon) and stack (store coupon + manufacturer coupon) to the lowest price, you have created ABSOLUTE LOWEST ROCK BOTTOM PRICES and you SCORE a TRIFECTA of SAVINGS!

3. Stockpiling To Greater Savings & Successful Shopping

Once you’ve matched and stacked your way to rock bottom prices, it’s time to stock up! The goal is to purchase enough of a sale item to last until the next sales cycle. There’s no need to buy extra because your favorite items will be on sale again! Unsure of how many items to purchase? Here’s a simple calculation (6 week cycle):

Quantity of item used each week multiplied by 6
Quantity of item used biweekly (every 2 weeks) multiplied by 3

For example, if your laundry detergent lasts 2 weeks, you need to purchase 3 bottles to last until the sales cycle repeats in 6 weeks.

4. Supercharge Your Endless Cycle of Savings & Rewards

It’s time to cash in coupons and RACK UP Reward Points when you pay for your purchase with your Daily Dimes™ Prepaid MasterCard®.

As a Cardholder, SCORE 1 Reward Point for every $1 you spend on Signature Purchases OR SCORE Endless Double Reward Points when you upgrade to Premium/Ultra Membership ** (2 Reward Points for every $1). Reward Points are redeemable for Cash Back,* DIME$, eGift Cards, and Clip & Ship Admin, Shipping & Handling Fees!

When you take advantage of your Reward Points (by redeeming them for Clip & Ship Admin or Shipping & Handling Fees) to replenish your coupon collection, you perpetuate an endless cycle of savings and rewards! Plus, you continue to earn Cash Rebates* and more!

* Cash Back & Cash Rebates applied as a credit to Member's Daily Dimes™ Prepaid MasterCard®
** Premium & Ultra with Direct Deposits of $500 or more each month

† Daily Dimes'™ Prepaid MasterCard® is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank (Member FDIC) pursuant to a license from MasterCard International, Inc. "Metropolitan Commercial Bank" and "Metropolitan" are registered trademarks of Metropolitan Commercial Bank. © 2014.

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